Starter kits (GSM/GPS/GLONASS)

Series WMK

Серия отладочных плат GLONASS/GPSThese series of starter kits are based on Atmel (AVR) MCU with GSM SIM900 modules, with GLONASS/GPS modules, accelerometers modules, digital compaas иand removable DIP field.More

Series WLK

Серия WLK: Отладочный платы GLONASS/GPS/GSMThese series of starter kits are based on ATMEL (AVR) MCUs, GSM SIM900 modules, GLONASS/GPS modules, accelerometer modules and digital copmpas, USB and RS-232 interfaces.More

Series WSK

Starter kits серии WSKThese series os starter kits are based on AVR, STM and MSP microcontrollers, GSM SIM900 module and USB, RS-232, RS-485 and Bluetooth interfaces. More