About SmartPrecision

The company Smart Precision was founded in 2007 by the group engineers in radiophysics and who have expertize in development IR measuring systems and microwave radiometers. Employees are experienced and highly skilled in developing high-precision measurement and microprocessor technology.

Styles of the company has always included attention to the problems of the consumer, a thorough study of objects of measurement in order to obtain the most accurate measurements and ensure a stable and reliable devices.

Employees is the author of more than 20 patents and certificates of the Russian Federation.

Currently over then 150 production devices successfully used by customers. In addition to production and deployment, the company is constantly improving existing products with all the latest achievements in electronics, as well as the development of new devices that extend the range of tasks.


Web:   http://www.smartprecision.net
E-mail:   info@smartprecision.ru